Policy Statement: Environment

The company will, as a commitment to continual improvement and prevention of pollution :-

  • Minimize any disturbance to the local and global environment and to the quality of life of the local communities in which the company operates.
  • Integrate environmental management into our day-to-day operations to ensure environmental issues are addressed, whilst providing a quality service to all customers.
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and requirements controlling the company's operations and the sites on which it operates.
  • Reduce energy and water consumption.
  • Maintain the appearance of the company premises to the highest practical standards.
  • Reduce waste streams.
  • Reuse resources whenever possible rather than dispose of them.
  • Encourage the use of recycled materials and recycling initiatives.
  • Prevent pollution by ensuring discharges are removed from site by a reputable waste carrier.
  • Provide appropriate environmental training for all our staff and encourage them to support this programme.
  • Promote communication with internal and external interested parties and respond appropriately to reasonable requests for information about our environmental performance.
  • Incorporate environmental responsibility in all staff job descriptions.
  • Ensure that all our staff and the general public have access to our policy.

All company employees are responsible for the protection of the environment when undertaking their activities, and for meeting the spirit of the policy as outlined above.